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    Welcome to join Rev Xin new energy! Kai Xin new energy as talented as the greatest wealth, adhere to the people-oriented, merit based, pay attention to talent introduction and training, supporting a full range of technical and professional training, enhance all levels of employees in the work of actual operation ability, people-oriented, merit, and give full scope to the talents. We have a working environment that is equal, happy and full of opportunity, perfect compensation and benefit system, excellent training system, wide promotion space, opportunity to work abroad, and rich staff activities. Select Kai Xin, join us, and we join hands in creating a better future.

    We believe that Zhejiang Xin Kai new energy Polytron Technologies Inc is an ideal platform to realize their aspirations have both ability and political integrity.

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    Address: No. 37, Golden Port Road, Binhai Industrial Zone, Xiangshan County, Ningbo City, Zhejiang province.