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QXPV, new energy power to help the construction of remote islands in Indonesia

Time: 2013-08-26 00:00:00 Click: 4102

  August 7, 2013, island Ishak., one of the most remote islands in Indonesia, Suruadji yamdena is a worthy celebration of the day. Because Ningbo Qixin solar electrical appliance Co., Ltd., in cooperation with the government of Indonesia's "remote islands lighting lighting through plans to officially started.Ishak was one of the first installation of villagers on the island of the solar system, "though heaven beautiful scenery is yamdena, but for our local people, living in heaven is to pay the price, due to the geographical location and traffic factors, on the island has not been energized, now, we finally have a good way to dispel the darkness of," Ishak in the construction team after the completion of, elated said.


  Since the beginning of 2007, Qixin new energy actively expanding overseas markets at the same time, adhere to the "mutual aid, common development" strategic planning, help to solar power shortage in the region in the spread and solve the local residents of the difficulty in using electricity.

  Indonesia is the world's top four of the country's population, but there are still 1/3 residents living below the poverty line, especially in remote residents living outside the five largest island. Kai Xin and Indonesia's government departments to strengthen cooperation. Developed 20WATT, 50watt, 80watt, 3KW lighting systems and 5KW, home away from the network system, and quickly spread in the local open, Qixin (overseas brand QXPV) solar products by local users trust.

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